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Xiaofeng Hu, MD, PhD

Board Certifications

Laboratory Genetics and Genomics


Molecular Genetics , Clinical Cytogenetics




ProPath, a Sonic Healthcare anatomic pathology practice, is privileged to include Xiaofeng Hu, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.M.G., as a part of its dynamic medical staff. Dr. Hu is a board-certified pathologist and ProPath’s clinical director of cytogenetics.

Dr. Hu earned her medical degree from Tongji Medical University in Wuhan, China, where she also received her master’s degree. She graduated with her doctoral degree from the National Ophthalmic Research Institute and Erasmus University in the Netherlands. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute of Molecular Cardiology at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. This was followed by a fellowship in clinical cytogenetics and molecular genetics at the Human Genetic Center and Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dr. Hu has extensive professional experience in a wide variety of settings. She held multiple appointments at Tongji Medical University where she was an assistant lecturer in the medical genetics department, an assistant professor of pediatrics and director of the cytogenetics lab of the pediatrics department. She was then promoted to associate professor of pediatrics and chief of the department of medical genetics. She was also an attending pediatrician at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, China. Following her postgraduate training, Dr. Hu held an appointment as assistant professor and assistant director of the cancer genetics lab at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. She has been the clinical director of the cytogenetics labs at Sonora Quest Lab in Arizona, TriCore Lab in New Mexico, and is currently clinical director of the cytogenetics lab at ProPath.

Dr. Hu has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles in medical and scientific journals such as Cancer Genetics, Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, International Journal of Cardiology, and Human Molecular Genetics, among many others. She has a book chapter in Modern Clinical Molecular Techniques and a book, Analysis of ABCC6: Elucidation of the Molecular Pathology of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum.



Tongji Medical University (MD)
Wuhan, China

Tongji Medical University (MS)
Wuhan, China

Erasmus University (PhD)
National Ophthalmic Research University
Rotterdam, Netherlands


Postgraduate Training

Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics Fellowship
Human Genetic Center
Tulane Medical School
New Orleans, LA

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Institute of Molecular Cardiology
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY


Professional Memberships

American College of Medical Genetics, Fellow

American Society of Human Genetics

Association for Molecular Pathology


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Book Chapters
  1. Li M, Patel A, Hu X. Clinical applications of microarrays in cancer. In: Hu P, Hegde M, Lennon A, eds. Modern Clinical Molecular Techniques. New York: Springer; 2012:307-322.

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