Our Pathology Sub-Specialties

Our pathology team consists of board-certified experts in all pathology sub-specialties:

Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine

Consultative services for the appropriate management and utilization of blood products.

Forensic Pathology

Consultative services involving death investigation.

Liver Pathology

Consultative and diagnostic services designed to integrate tissue and blood testing in hepatic disease.

Pediatric Pathology

Diagnostic evaluation of diseases of infancy and childhood.


Accurate diagnostic information for skin disorders and diseases.

Molecular Genetic Pathology

Consultative and testing services designed to interpret genetic alterations in disease from molecular testing of blood and tissue specimens.

Oral Pathology

Screening and treatment of diseases affecting the oral regions.

Soft-Tissue Pathology

Comprehensive services relating to soft-tissue and bone diseases.

Clinical Pathology

Diagnostic consultation and interpretation of clinical laboratory tests.

Head and Neck Pathology

Diagnostic services for head and neck diseases.


Special expertise in diseases associated with the nervous system.

Pulmonary Pathology

Expert diagnosis and management of conditions and diseases affecting the lungs.

Gynecologic Pathology

Complete evaluation and interpretation of gynecologic pathology.


Advanced diagnostic solutions for blood-related diseases.