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Our team of dermatopathologists work in concert with ordering dermatologists to discuss the detection of skin disorders and diseases from biopsy results. With their combined knowledge and experience, they determine treatment options to help manage underlying medical conditions.
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We offer gastrointestinal pathology services, including accurate and prompt diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information regarding tissues from the GI tract that our board-certified specialists have evaluated.
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Women's Health

When it comes to meeting the needs of female patients, our expert team of pathologists is
committed to providing an optimal level of testing and diagnostic services to address health-related disorders and diseases. Our proficiency encompasses all areas of breast and gynecologic pathologies.


ThyroSeq® is specifically designed for thyroid nodules when other clinical tools are unable to confidently say whether your thyroid nodule is benign or malignant and to guide personalized management if you do have cancer.