All companion diagnostic (CDx) testing below is performed at LMC Pathology Services, a Sonic Healthcare Anatomic Pathology Practice, and a leading pathology services and cancer diagnostic laboratory. LMC is focused on delivering accurate diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information. Our goal is to serve every community with advanced medicine and premier healthcare services. Our expert pathology team is prepared to work collaboratively with physicians to provide meaningful testing results, which may translate to more effective patient treatment options. LMC Pathology Services integrates the highest quality of diagnostic services, professional consultation, and expert analysis resulting in quality patient care.

Companion Diagnostic Ordering Information


Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue block or slides


At least two unstained slides sectioned at 4 microns, less than 60 days since sectioning and if stored at 15°C to 30°C. Four slides are ideal

MMR testing requires at least 6 slides

Minimum Volume:

Two unstained slides at 4 microns less than two months since sectioning if stored at 15°C to 30°C

MMR testing requires at least 6 slides


Paraffin block or unstained positively-charged slides


Paraffin block or unstained slides sectioned if stored at 15°C to 30°C for two months

Storage Instructions:


Causes for Rejection:

Slides sectioned greater than two months prior to test request and not stored at 15°C to 30°C