Dermatopathology Services

Our highly specialized dermatopathologists work in concert with local dermatologists to discuss the results and associated symptoms, enabling rapid and accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

In addition to our pathology excellence, we are fully dedicated to continuing peer-to-peer education by providing comprehensive training to residents throughout our locations across the country. We are also active in the continuing education of physician assistants and nurse practitioners, further enhancing our commitment to better patient care, and our clients.

Our board-certified dermatopathologists are the integrators of all available patient information, providing clarity and diagnosis for personalized medicine and targeted therapies that lead to the best possible patient outcomes.

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Specialized Services

• Direct immunoflouorescence (DIF)

• Immunophenotyping of cutaneous lymphomas

• Gene rearrangement studies

Molecular Testing

• T&B Cell Rearrangement


• AuraSeq Solid Tumor Panel

• Technical Slide Preparation

Continuing Education 



We are a proud sponsor of Derm In-Review.

Derm In-Review is one of the top board review prep courses available for dermatology residents and recertifying dermatologists.

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Our Dermatopathology Practices

34 CP

Birmingham | Alabama

32 AD

Scottsdale | Arizona

02 BL

Jacksonville | Florida

22 GP

Miami Lakes | Florida

24 PK

Monroe | Michigan

25 TC

Plymouth | Minnesota

27 WP

Reno | Nevada

13 LMC

Las Vegas | Nevada

16 PAP

Princeton | New Jersey

18 PS

Eatontown | New Jersey

26 LD

Woodbury | New York

06 CBL

Rye Brook | New York


Greensboro | North Carolina

28 CSP

Beachwood | Ohio

03 BD

Ridgeland | South Carolina

30 ST

San Antonio | Texas

31 MAP

Sterling | Virginia