Welcome to the team at PathologyWatch, an innovative and respected medical technology practice headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with additional laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona, and Port Charlotte, Florida. 

PathologyWatch has innovated an integrated, end-to-end digital pathology platform for skin pathology that is revolutionizing dermatopathology reporting. Powered by ‘dot.’ (dermatopathology optimization tool), PathologyWatch incorporates a laboratory information system, digital pathology viewer, image storage and artificial intelligence algorithms. This results in an unparalleled reporting experience for both pathologists and referring physicians. 

Reporting process 

The digital smarts in ‘dot.’ allow high-quality digitized whole-slide images to be accessed and reported by a pathologist wherever they are located. This enables images from multiple sites to be distributed to pathologists in any location to balance workloads and speed up expert second opinions. Additionally, the use of AI can help to further increase the efficiencies of pathologists while enhancing quality and improving case turnaround times. 

Benefits for referring dermatologists 

PathologyWatch provides referring dermatologists with real‑time digital access to their patients’ slides. This can assist in explaining conditions and treatment options to patients. Other platform benefits include faster interpretations and cost reduction per specimen, increased patient safety, improved scalability across labs and the creation of automated notifications and superior analytics. 

The acquisition of PathologyWatch is an important and enormously exciting step in Sonic’s transition to digital pathology and pathology AI. Sonic is one of the world’s largest anatomical pathology providers, with more than 1,000 expert and well-recognized anatomical pathologists, covering almost every subspecialty in pathology. We are therefore best placed in the world to benefit from the transformation of the practice of anatomical pathology that will be driven by digital pathology and AI. 

The PathologyWatch team is part of Sonic Healthcare USA’s new Dermatopathology Division, led by President, Dr. Greg Hosler.