The story of CPL begins on the first of May, 1948. On that day the first pathologist to practice in Austin, Texas, Charles F. Pelphrey, M.D., opened his practice in a 400 square foot apartment not far from the University of Texas campus. At the time, there was no independent laboratory in Austin; even the two local hospitals at the time did not have laboratories. Dr. Pelphrey set the tone for what was to become the largest pathologist owned laboratory in the United States.

As medicine progressed over the ensuing decades, Dr. Pelphrey's practice grew to the point that, by the time of his retirement in 1981, CPL had become a six-man practice serving central Texas. But the 80s brought much change to American medicine, with the advent of managed health care and the corporatization of laboratory services. CPL faced the same pressures that most pathology practices faced at the time, but instead of selling out to the corporate-run laboratories, CPL reorganized and separated the laboratory from the pathology practice in 1990.

In 2005 CPL joined a liked-minded organization dedicated to the same goals and principles joining Sonic Healthcare, Ltd. and became part of the Sonic Healthcare federation of laboratories. Our shared values and operating philosophies of medical leadership, personalized service to physicians, and a commitment to the highest quality laboratory testing, make this alliance a natural and seamless fit.


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