Sonic Healthcare is committed to operating in a sustainable, ethical and responsible way across all facets of our operations — medical, financial, organizational, social and environmental. We have a variety of programs and policies that operate locally and globally, aimed at fostering a sustainable working environment for our staff, suppliers, customers and communities. This is consistent with several of our Foundation Principles —‘Respect for Our People’, ‘Company Conscience’ and ‘Operational Excellence’.

As a medically-led organization, Sonic has an additional role to play in helping to improve the healthcare and lives of people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged areas — such as in the Goma region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan. Sonic’s Catalyst Program helps communities develop locally based, self-sustaining pathology and radiology services by providing training, equipment and support to local hospitals and their staff. We also provide funding, materials and support for a variety of community projects, especially those that focus on the welfare of women, children and Indigenous communities.