Sonic Healthcare USA Anatomic Pathology utilizes the Flow Cytometry Department, Cytology Department and the Histology department for the analysis of Hematopathology specimens.

Examination of the bone marrow by aspiration and core biopsy is used for diagnosing and staging both hematologic and many non-hematologic disorders. Many special studies can be performed on bone marrow samples if the specimen is properly collected (e.g. flow cytometry, cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics by PCR and FISH, microbiology and routine pathology). In general, unilateral marrow aspiration and core biopsy specimens are performed. However, in cases were focal marrow involvement is likely (e.g. Hodgkin Lymphoma, metastatic solid tumor, or granulomatous disease) bilateral bone marrow samples are recommended. The major limitation to accurate diagnosis is sample size. If possible, CBC with differential (report from office lab is acceptable), unstained peripheral smear (performed at office lab), bone marrow aspirate smears, aspirate clot sections, core biopsies (of at least 1 cm in length) and core biopsy touch preps are desired on every case.

Examination of peripheral blood for presence or absence of abnormal cells (e.g. leukemia and lymphoma) and/or evaluation of T cell subsets (T4/T8 ratio) in immunodeficiencies (e.g. HIV or AIDS) and/or quantitation of precursor CD34 positive cells.

When a specimen is being obtained to rule out lymphoma (excisional biopsy, core biopsy or an FNA) correct specimen collection is required to properly process the specimen for a definitive diagnosis. Specimens may require flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and microbiology studies, in addition to routine microscopic pathology. Specimens will be subdivided for special studies, if required, by the pathologist



A Sonic Healthcare USA Anatomic Pathology requisition form must accompany the specimen to the laboratory. Please include the following information on the requisition forma to ensure accurate specimen preparation interpretation, result reporting and billing. Exclusion of any of the following information may result in specimen rejection and or processing delays.

• Patients complete name, date of birth, sex and social security number.
• Specimen source.
• Date specimen was obtained.
• Pertinent clinical information
• Insurance name and policy number.
• Patient’s address
• Physician’s complete name (first and last), as well as the complete name of any physician requiring copies of the report.