LabVenture™ - A partnership ideal for health systems with multiple hospitals within an urban market

  • Optimizes investment in laboratory assets
  • Provides a revenue and profit stream to the health system
  • Improves integration of inpatient and outreach laboratory testing services, including Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration
  • Proactively helps reduce expensive healthcare costs, such as hospital admissions
  • Provides an outreach laboratory service that is competitive with national and regional commercial laboratories
  • Improves alignment with affiliated physicians
  • Includes sales and marketing resources to grow outreach business
  • Utilizes Lean Six Sigma practices
  • Takes advantage of new and developing esoteric testing
  • Includes nationwide network of diagnostic excellence
  • Offers management of staff and resources
   Inpatient Test Savings


LabManager™ - A laboratory service agreement with the hospital to reduce inpatient laboratory costs and integrate inpatient and outreach laboratory services

  • Assists health systems in the move from a focus on inpatient care to systemic clinical integration that emphasizes value over volume
  • Integrates inpatient and outreach laboratory services
  • Provides a stable, predictable, lower inpatient laboratory cost structure
  • Includes access to Sonic's global supply and lab equipment cost structure
  • Provides access to state of the industry laboratory testing equipment
  • Monetizes outreach (Physician office) laboratory testing assets to allow redeployment of capital for strategically important programs
  • Applies Lean Six Sigma principles


TestShare™ - Appeals to smaller institutions interested in growing their outreach business

  • Testing can be shared by partners, depending upon levels of expertise
  • Improves efficiency of hospital laboratory
  • Reduces inpatient laboratory costs on a per unit basis
  • Minimizes hospital's investment in outreach lab services.
  • Mitigates risk for hospital
  • Enhances hospital revenue